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What is a Business Plan?

Writing a Business Plan is normally the first thing that you do when starting a Business. Your Business Plan marks the point at which an idea/opportunity gets into reality. You map out what your Business Plan will entail. A well-devised Business Plan is the foundation of any successful business, and is instrumental in securing funds for your Business Venture. A formal Business Plan is of how you, the Entrepreneur or Business Owner, intend to organise your enterprise and implement activities that are necessary for your Business Venture to succeed. It is a written explanation of your Business Venture’s business model that explains in detail your products and/or service offerings, competitive environment, market analysis, risk analysis, strategies, revenue and expenditure budgets, cash flow projections, capital expenditure budget and required funding.

When Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Financiers and Investors talk of a Business Plan, they are usually referring to a comprehensive Business Plan, a complete Business Plan that provides an in-depth analysis of the critical factors that will determine the business success or failure, along with all the underlying assumptions.

A common misconception regarding a Business Plan is that it is only used once-off to acquire funding or investment for a Business Venture. Research has shown that Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who manage their businesses according to a well-devised Business Plan are significantly more successful than those who claim to be naturals. It is not surprising, then, that Commercial Banks, Government Funding Institutions and other Business Financiers insist on being presented with a comprehensive Business Plan before they will make a decision regarding a Business Funding application. Experienced Entrepreneurs and Business Owners will tell you that the Business Plan is a very important management tool.

Writing a Business Plan should be thought of as an ongoing process and not as the means to an end. In fact, when it comes to writing a Business Plan, the process is just as important as the final outcome.

There are a number of reasons why a Business fail, which could have been avoided if the Entrepreneur and Business Owner had drafted a proper structured Business Plan. Most of the Businesses that fail have never written a Business Plan, while many studies have shown that Business Ventures with Business Plans have a higher probability of success.

Our Business Plan Writing Service

We offer specialised services and do not sell products. Your Business Plan is exclusively developed and written to suit your Business Venture and situation.

We have the expertise to draft a proper structured Business Plan on your behalf at a reasonable price. Our Business Plans do make an impact on the Funder and Investor. We do not offer generic cookie cutter type Business Plans. These off-the-shelf generated Business Plans are regarded as substandard documents that rarely lead to success.


Our Business Plan writing service is suitable for:

   Start-up Businesses.

    Existing Businesses.

   Expansion of existing Businesses.

What is included in our professional Business Plan writing service?

•  FREE Business Profile (Value R 1,250.00).

•  FREE List of potential Business Financiers throughout South Africa (44 pages document). The document contains the description of financing products with contact details. When asked, the majority of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners will tell you that access to finance is their greatest challenge. This document provides an overview of organisations that provide funding to the smallest micro businesses all the way through to medium-sized enterprises. Funders may target certain industries, types of business or even geographical areas. By knowing who and where these Financiers are, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners can approach the most appropriate organisation that meets their specific needs and goals.

•  FREE Gross profit margin to mark-up and mark-up to profit margin conversion table.

   A Business Plan Consultation/Facilitation session in person (face to face) for up to five hours to further explore the details of your Business Venture, strategy and further analyse and discuss the information received from you. This session is conducted by the business owner and is standard for all of our Business Plan options.

   Step-by-step and side-to-side guidance throughout the entire Business Plan writing process.

•   Your Business Plan includes compiled Financial Projections.

   Competitors Analysis, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis, Risk Analysis and Break-even Analysis for our comprehensive Business Plan options.

•   Additional market research to supplement the information you already have available.

•   Thirty calendar days post-project guarantee. You may request a free Business Plan debriefing session to discuss any aspects of your Business Plan.

Our process of working with you:

Step 1

We require information from you to prepare the quotation and proposal (please request a quotation online for this purpose). We will contact you should we require clarification regarding any information provided, or for any further information we may need.

Step 2

You will receive the quotation and proposal via email. Full details and time frames pertaining to the project are detailed. If you would be interested in utilising our services, a FREE Introduction Consultation in person can be scheduled prior to acceptance of the quotation and proposal. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce ourselves and discuss the quotation, intended project and other needs required. Example Business Plans drafted by us and the original testimonials written by our Clients can be viewed. You need to formally accept the quotation and proposal by sending us your written confirmation via e-mail.

Step 3

Upon receipt of your deposit payment we will send you the signed Non-disclosure agreement. A list of documentation we require, questionnaire (requesting information from you pertaining to your Business Venture) for completion to suit your specific Business Venture are prepared. These documents are forwarded to you via email. You need to complete the questionnaire, documents and collate the required documentation. You need to submit this documentation prior to the Business Plan Consultation Session.

Step 4

Once we receive the completed questionnaire and all documentation from you, we will review the information within two business days.

Step 5

Once we have received and reviewed all the requested information, we will schedule a Business Plan Consultation Session (non-compulsory) in person, for up to five hours, with the purpose to further explore the details of your Business Venture, strategy and further analyse and discuss the information received from you.

Step 6

We conduct our own secondary market research and write the Business Plan. You will receive regular updates on the progress of the writing of the Business Plan via email.

Step 7

Upon receipt of the final payment, the Business Plan is submitted to you via email. You may request a free Business Plan debriefing session to discuss any aspects of the Business Plan. You will have the opportunity to request free minor changes to the Business Plan.

Business Plan Options

Download and print our Business Plan Options comparison chart.

FREE Business Profile.

FREE List of potential Financiers (44 pages).

FREE Gross profit margin to mark-up and mark-up to gross profit margin conversion table.

The price and turnaround depend on the complexity of the Business Plan. A written quotation is issued.

Request a quote now. Fast response. Click here to access our online request facility.

Suitable to submit for the lease of a Business Premise to obtain rental space. This Business Plan is perfect to guide the Entrepreneur to determine whether the intended business idea is viable and worth pursuing. Ideal to submit to Commercial Banks and other non-Government Business Financiers for funding or Investors for investment. Suitable for start-up and existing Businesses. Funding or investment amount: Unlimited. Ideal to submit to IDC, SEDA, SEFA, NEF, other Government Institutions, Commercial Banks and other Business Financiers for funding or Investors for investment. Government Institutions require Business Plans including Financial Projections for five years.* Suitable for start-up and existing Businesses. Funding or investment amount: Unlimited.
BUSINESS PLAN TYPE (CONTENT QUALITY)                    Basic                     (non-comprehensive)      Comprehensive       (in-depth)      Comprehensive      (in-depth) 
BUSINESS PLAN CONSULTATION SESSION Up to five hours Up to five hours Up to five hours
BUSINESS PLAN SIZE 30+ pages 65+ pages 70+ pages
Cover Sheet  Yes  Yes  Yes
Table of Contents  Yes  Yes  Yes
Executive Summary  Yes  Yes  Yes
Business Description and Overview  Yes  Yes  Yes
Products and Services
 Yes  Yes   Yes
Market Analysis  Yes  Yes  Yes
Target Market  Yes  Yes  Yes
Industry Analysis  Yes  Yes  Yes
Competitor Analysis  —  Yes  Yes
Competitive Advantage   Yes  Yes  Yes
Sales and Marketing Strategy   Yes  Yes  Yes
Mission, Vision & Keys to Success   Yes  Yes  Yes
Business Objectives   Yes Yes Yes
Milestones  — Yes Yes
Implementation Plan (Timeline)  —  Yes  Yes
Operational Plan   Yes  Yes  Yes
Production Plan (Applicable to the manufacturing industry)  —  Yes  Yes
Socio-economic benefits (Government requirement)    —  Yes
Risk Analysis  Yes  Yes  Yes
Legal and Regulatory Environment  Yes  Yes  Yes
Entrepreneurial Team  Yes  Yes  Yes
Human Resources Plan  Yes   Yes   Yes
Organogram  Yes  Yes  Yes
SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis  Yes  Yes  Yes
Suppliers Analysis    Yes  Yes
Financial Model with Assumptions  Yes  Yes  Yes
Business set-up costs breakdown Table, if applicable  Yes   Yes   Yes
Funding Amortisation Table, if applicable  Yes  Yes  Yes
Financial Projections: First 24 months, monthly, then annual  Yes  Yes  Yes
Sales Forecasts  Yes  Yes  Yes
Income and Expense Budget (Income Statements)   Yes   Yes  Yes
Staff Remuneration Budget  Yes  Yes   Yes 
Cash Flow Projections (Cash Flow Statements)  Yes  Yes  Yes
Projected Balance Sheet (Annual)  Yes  Yes
Break-even Analysis  Yes  Yes
Financial Ratio Analysis  —   Yes  Yes
Sensitivity Analysis (Government requirement)  —  Yes
Full Narrative, Colour Charts and Graphics  Yes  Yes  Yes
Step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process  Yes  Yes  Yes
Business Plan Consultation Session for up to five hours in person (face to face)  Yes  Yes  Yes
The Business Plan is fully bankable  —  Yes  Yes
Personal own use  Yes  Yes  Yes
Secondary Market Research (internet search for public sources)  Yes  Yes  Yes
Business Plan written Section in editable Word & PDF formats
 Yes  Yes  Yes
Financial Projections Section in PDF format
 Yes  Yes  Yes
One Print and Read friendly PDF format document   —   Yes  Yes
We store a back-up of your Business Plan  Yes  Yes  Yes
Regular progress updates via e-mail
 Yes  Yes  Yes
Signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (protecting your interest)  Yes  Yes  Yes
Confidentiality Agreement (protecting your interest)  Yes  Yes  Yes
Thirty days Post-Project Guarantee  Yes  Yes  Yes
Free minor changes to your Business Plan  Yes  Yes  Yes
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